HTML5 Integrating FAQs #

Here is a summary FAQs that may be encountered during your integrating process.

1、argument definitions: #

  • supportMode

    • showConversation:to open up customer service pages;
    • showAllFAQSections:to list all the FAQs you published to your users;
    • showFAQSection:to show a group of FAQs to your users;
    • showSingleFAQ:to show a single FAQ page to your users;
    • showOperation:to open up operation module;
  • conversationIntent

    • 1: bot support ;
    • 2: manual customer service;
  • showConversationMoment

    • 1: always show entrance to customer service in your FAQ pages;
    • 2: never show entrance to customer service in your FAQ pages;
    • 3: show entrance to customer service only when user marked FAQ unhelpful;

2、How to configure supportMode and supportConfig? #

supportMode should be exactly same as the API’s name, then encapsulate all your needed fields into supportConfig, that’s all.

Take the display of a single FAQ as an example, supportConfig should be configured as follows:

var showSingleFAQConfig = {
    ... ...
    supportMode: 'showSingleFAQ',
    supportConfig: {
        faqId: 'THIS IS YOUR FAQ ID',
        showConversationMoment: 1,
        conversationIntent: 1,
        alwaysShowHumanSupportButtonInBotPage: true,
        welcomeMessage: '',
        storyNode: '',