iOS Integrating FAQs #

Here is a summary FAQs that may be encountered during your integrating process.

1、unrecognized selector sent to instance exception

To solve this problem, your need to set the Other Linker Flags in your Xcode Build Settings to -ObjC.

2、Undefined symbols for architecture armv7: “_res_9_nquery”, referenced form: _query_ip in …… clang: error: linker command faild with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) .

Please ensure you have added following dependencies in your Xcode:

  • libsqlite3.tbd
  • libresolv.tbd
  • WebKit.framework

3、App crash when open camera or photo in form page

Please ensure you have added following permissions in your info.plist:

  • Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description
  • Privacy - Camera Usage Description
  • Privacy - Microphone Usage Description

4、App crash when open photo after setting the SDK screen to horizontal

To solve this error, you need to support vertical and horizontal screens in Xcode configuration or AppDelegate, then you can add supportedinterfaceorientations method in rootviewcontroller.m and return to the support direction of the game.

Please refer to here for specific implementation.

- (UIInterfaceOrientationMask)supportedInterfaceOrientations {
    return UIInterfaceOrientationMaskLandscape;