Upload log

Upload log #

In order to improve the efficiency of customer service and help the application fix unnecessary bugs, we provide you with the function of uploading logs.

After integrating this function, AIHelp will save relevant logs when customer complaints are submitted or special forms are filled, which you may better locate users’ issues with.

The saved log can be downloaded from the equipment information on the customer complaint page.


This function has switch in the AIHelp dashboard, and special form switch also needs to be turn on.

Please make sure that the relevant configuration in the dashboard is ready before your integrating.

API 及参数释义 #

You need to call this method to specify the location of the log.

This API requires the following parameters:

  • logPath

    Required. Specify the log file path, and AIHelp will automatically upload the log file under this path when the customer complaint is submitted or the specific form is filled.

Code example #

[AIHelpSupportSDK setUploadLogPath:LOG_FILE_PATH];

Remark #

  • Function switch

  • Special form

  • download logs