# Utility Functions

In order to facilitate your access and debugging, we provide some util API, you can choose according to the situation.

# enableLogging()

to enable develop logging


# getSDKVersion()

to get current SDK version

string sdkVersion = AIHelpSupport::GetSDKVersion();

# isAIHelpShowing()

to check whether AIHelp interface is showing now

boolean isShowing = AIHelpSupport::isAIHelpShowing();

# setOnSpecificUrlClickedCallback()

To take over the click event for some specific urls with this API, you need to make some configuration as follows:

  1. Add thejs-bridge=enable to your url, such as: https://www.google.com?js-bridge=enable

  2. Register a callback to take over the click event for urls appended with js-bridge=enable:

AIHelpSupport::setOnSpecificUrlClickedCallback((url) => {
    // url: https://www.google.com?js-bridge=enable
    // You can get the callback when user clicked the specific url

# setOnAIHelpSessionOpenCallback()

To register a callback for AIHelp's page opening event:

AIHelpSupport::setOnAIHelpSessionOpenCallback(() => {
    // You can get the callback when user opened the AIHelp page

# setOnAIHelpSessionCloseCallback()

To register a callback for AIHelp's page closing event:

AIHelpSupport::setOnAIHelpSessionCloseCallback(() => {
    // You can get the callback when user closed the AIHelp page

# setOnOperationUnreadChangedCallback()

To register a callback for operation articles' update:

AIHelpSupport::setOnOperationUnreadChangedCallback((hasUnreadArticles) => {
    // do something you want according to the unread status received

# additionalSupportFor()

To provide domain support for the following country or region:

  • India
  • Mainland China

Be aware, this function should be called BEFORE init API:

AIHelpSupport::init(this, "appKey", "domain", "appId", "defaultLanguage(optional)");
Last Updated: 6/7/2023, 9:55:33 AM