# Update Language

If your application has multiple language versions, when users switch languages, AIHelp can just cooperate with users' actions to switch languages.


# UpdateSDKLanguage()

Call this method to actively update the language for the SDK.

It should be noted that if your application has only one language, you can choose to specify the language at initialization instead of calling this method.


# Definition

# language

  • Type: string
  • Details: Required. The language code to be updated, such as en-US or zh-CN.

# Mapping

Language Code
English en
Russian ru
Japanese ja
Chinese Traditional zh-TW
Chinese Simplified zh-CN
Arabic ar
German de
French fr
Korean ko
Portuguese pt
Thai th
Turkish tr
Indonesian id
Spanish es
Vietnamese vi
Italian it
Polish pl
Dutch nl
Persian fa
Romanian ro
Filipino tl
Malay ms
Czech cs
Greek el
Hungarian hu
Svenska sv
Hindi hi
Telugu te
Bengali bn
Tamil ta
Norwegian nb
Burmese my
Albanian sq
Bosnian bs
Croatian hr
Danish da
Finnish fi
Hebrew he
Khmer km
Serbian(Cyrillic) sr-SP
Serbian(Latin) sr-CS
Ukrainian uk
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