# User Info

Now you can Set up and update user information in a simpler and clearer way.


# UpdateUserInfo()

You can call this method to update user information when users log in, and you can transfer more information through field customdata & usertags.


# ResetUserInfo()

Call this method to inform AIHelp when user logs out to ensure the accuracy for tourist-user's information:


# Definition

# userId

  • Type: FString
  • Default: a generated random string
  • Detail: Optional. A unique identifier for current user, can not be 0 or -1, random string by default

# userName

  • Type: FString
  • Default: anonymous
  • Detail: Optional. The display name for current user

# serverId

  • Type: FString
  • Default: -1
  • Detail: Optional. The server ID for current user

# userTags

  • Type: FString
  • Default: ''
  • Detail: Optional. Split multiple tags by ',', empty string by default. When Setting tags for users, you should ensure that the tags you are Setting has been added in advance in the dashboard of AIHelp:

# customData

  • Type: FString
  • Default: ''
  • Detail: Optional. Custom data to display in dashboard with a jsonString format: {"key":"value", "key":"value"}

# Page Example

After the configuration is completed, when the user submits a complaint, you can get this in the AIHelp dashboard:

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