# Third Push

In order to better facilitate the service for your users, we also provide third-party-push to help you connect with your users.


In order to minimize conflicts, AIHelp does not integrate any third-party-push. We just serve as a message relay platform to help you remind users or other services in the form of push.


# setPushToken:pushPlatform:

Call this method AFTER setting UID via updateUserInfo to inform AIHelp of the player's push token and push platform.

[AIHelpSupportSDK setPushToken:@"PUSH_TOKEN" pushPlatform:AIHelpTokenPlatformAPNS];

# Definition

# pushToken

  • Type: NSString
  • Details: Required. Users' push token, get it from your push platform.

# pushPlatform

  • Type: AIHelpTokenPlatform
  • Details: Required. AIHelp supports 5 different platforms, which are APNs, FireBase, JPush, GeTui and HuaWei.

# Code Example

The code example is as follows:

AIHelpUserConfigBuilder *userBuilder = [[AIHelpUserConfigBuilder alloc] init];
userBuilder.userId = @"uid";
[AIHelpSupportSDK updateUserInfo:userBuilder.build];
[AIHelpSupportSDK setPushToken:@"PUSH_TOKEN" pushPlatform:PUSH_PLATFORM];
Last Updated: 5/13/2023, 11:24:18 AM