# Help Center

AIHelp has upgraded the original FAQ to a Help Center.

Now, you can provide FAQs to your end users in a customized style, with improved page layout and API flexibility.


# show

You can set up a help center entrance in AIHelp dashboard, and use the provided entrance ID to access AIHelp' help center module:

[AIHelpSupportSDK showWithEntranceId:@"THIS IS YOUR ENTRANCE ID"];

Or, make use of the ApiConfig to configure a custom welcome message:

AIHelpApiConfigBuilder *builder = [[AIHelpApiConfigBuilder alloc] init];
builder.entranceId = @"THIS IS YOUR ENTRANCE ID";
builder.welcomeMessage = @"THIS IS YOUR WELCOME MESSAGE";
[AIHelpSupportSDK showWithApiConfig:builder.build];

You can choose to display the FAQ list, showcase a specific category, or a particular FAQ. Additionally, you have the ability to control the visibility of the customer service entrance.

For more information, you can explore further details in the AIHelp dashboard, under Settings - App Settings - SDK Customization.

# Definition

# apiConfig

  • Type: ApiConfig
  • Default: Required. The configuration for customer service, which is the encapsulation of entrance id and welcome message.

# entranceId

  • Type: NSString
  • Detail: Optional. Entrance ID configured in AIHelp dashboard.

Entrance Configuration

HelpCenter Configuration

# welcomeMessage

  • Type: NSString
  • Default: ''
  • Detail: Optional. Custom welcome message for customer service

# Page example

Page examples based on the above scenario are as follows:

Last Updated: 8/2/2023, 7:06:58 AM