# Release Notes

# v4.6.5


  • Support the customization of the form title inside a RPA procedure;
  • Support for the setting of customer service when there is no FAQs are searched;
  • Support for fetch unread message count proactively via a new API fetchUnreadMessageCount;
  • Minor bug fixed;

# v4.5.3


  • Added evaluation bot, allowing for a more flexible evaluation process where different users can have varied evaluation experiences;
  • Introduced input box autocomplete functionality, enabling users to send questions more quickly and accurately;
  • Implemented support for text size adjustment, optimizing the SDK to better cater to users requiring larger text, thereby enhancing readability;
  • Minor bug fixes;

# v4.4.1


  • Utilizing separate templates for different entrances to create distinct experiences between them;
  • Presenting attachments within the message bubble alongside text messages;
  • Showing the Customer Service button even when FAQs are not available in the Help Center;
  • Minor bug fixes;

# v4.3.15


  • Support for OneSignal push platform;
  • Addition of a customer service message read status in the customer complaint details;
  • Customization of the types and formats of attachments that users can upload through the SDK;
  • Customization of the name of the Q&A chat bot;
  • Ability to view larger images and download them when viewing details in the FAQ section;
  • Support for displaying GIF images in the SDK;
  • Fixed an issue where some views of Android SDK maybe wrong in RTL layout;
  • Ability to preview the first frame of a video instead of just a link in the SDK.
  • Minor bug fixes;

# v4.2.7


  • Add touch feedback to list items and buttons to improve user experience;
  • Add new close() API to support close all AIHelp sessions;
  • Minor bug fixes;

# v4.1.9


  • Replaced old customer service with new RPA bot;
  • Added support for AppLink;
  • Added support for HUAWEI push platform;
  • Minor bug fixes;
Last Updated: 4/1/2024, 4:08:57 AM